About One Divide®

One Divide is a philosophy and theoretical framework that examines the origins of Emotional Warfare — the process by which individuals manipulate others to give themselves a sense of acceptance, belonging and security — the way it develops in individuals and how it affects everyday interactions, relationships and our overall human experience.

As outlined extensively throughout One Divide’s materials, the shaping of perceptions, persuasion and manipulation, even within our own selves, has never been more present than today. This is a problem, as the shift to a more progressive, pragmatic or critical way of thinking has magnified inequality between peoples and increased the imbalance between the belief systems or ideologies of various societal environments, communities and cultures. One Divide’s philosophy and theoretical framework allow us to interpret our own Patterns of Emotional Warfare playing out in our relationships with the people around us — as well as in our relationships with ourselves. Our sense of emotional security, achieved through social embeddedness, social identity and social status, is forever threatened through this self-perpetuating interplay of our Patterns of Emotional Warfare.

Deeply entrenched links between us as people are formed mostly out of our need for survival and in response to self-interest. Spoken and unspoken negotiations, compromises, mutual co-operation and, at times, compliance between our Patterns of Emotional Warfare make up the majority of what most of us experience, as emotional paradigms that we observed, learned and survived in childhood are recreated and thus brought into our adult relationships.

These Patterns of Emotional Warfare span across our lives or spheres of life. Any circumstance that involves group dynamics involves the threat of not achieving or maintaining the particular roles we desire in that setting. This fear triggers Emotional Warfare in all social, political, familial and professional contexts.

“We all wish to experience happiness, joy, love, trust, hope, intimacy, true connection with another and so on; we all desire to be successful in our lives personally and/or professionally or monetarily, with a sense of emotional wellbeing or emotional freedom, authenticity and control over our own destinies and personal value — even a sense of significance to our existence. However, all of this involves or relies on the participation of others — whether knowingly or unknowingly on our parts and willingly or unwillingly on theirs.

It is precisely this human story that has been utilized to the advantage and disadvantage of others — even through programs and therapies that promote ways for us to achieve such desires and experiences or promise to give them to us. Thus, we must become aware and ever mindful of our levels of Emotional Desperation and resulting obsessions with the Perceived Security that we obtain, maintain and/or win through the acceptance, belonging or compliance of another or others.”

Identification of the Pattern of Emotional Warfare®
A Supplemental Guide to the Philosophy of One Divide®

One Divide examines the “common thread” of Emotional Warfare that has woven itself through mankind’s history and the overall human experience in order to properly understand its effects on us as a social species and to expose it, empowering the True Self, developing an overall state of wellbeing or emotional freedom and deepening spiritual growth. One Divide’s influences and principles span the Eastern philosophy of collectivism and the Western philosophy of individualism, as well as past and modern-day views that are central to humanistic or social psychology and philosophy. One Divide also examines and outlines the dichotomy between the physical and spiritual worlds which will arise for anyone seeking emotional freedom, as inevitably he or she will run into the paradox of security versus freedom — a deep-seated, universal quandary that lies in wait and has entrapped many.

Through the principles of the Philosophy of One Divide® and by gaining an awareness and explicit understanding of Emotional Warfare, you can achieve security in freedom — the balance we all need to live peacefully and interact respectfully and honestly with the people in our lives. Using an advanced method that allows us to master the interplay of Emotional Warfare, the Philosophy of One Divide provides a way to end our obsession with Perceived Security and the paradox of security versus freedom.

Ultimately, One Divide aims to help create a unified, elevated state of collective consciousness within the human race — true ONEness — through new behavior-pattern awareness that can be applied to a multitude of behavioral phenomena, including intra- and interpersonal agreement and disagreement modeling and person-to-person navigation techniques.

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