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A Comprehensive Psychopathology Framework and Advanced Educational Platform for New Adaptive Behavior Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Behavior Mapping, and Moral Decision-Making Processes


ONE DIVIDE is a professional consulting firm operating from the principles derived from the Philosophy of One Divide and its theory of Emotional Warfare.

The Philosophy of One Divide:

A philosophical psychology and behavioral, and comprehensive psychopathology framework predicated on its theory of Emotional Warfare, which includes centralized and universalized conceptions that are biologically, genetically, and/or psychologically influenced, working in tandem with human cognitive development — providing objective intelligence about human conflict and how to achieve human unity through new behavior-pattern identification, processing, and pattern recognition of Emotional Warfare.

Emotional Warfare:

An evolving law of human nature and common denominator of the human condition.

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Edward Kroger

Founder of One Divide
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Edward Kroger

Advancing Human Nature in the Age of Technology

The “True/False” Problem

It is generally understood that even universal, synchronized events are experienced on an individual basis, albeit within a collective interpersonal (or shared) framework, the individual experience emerges from or is attached to the subjective personal narrative, which is also computationally bound. This adds to the noise of the collective psychosocial, interpersonal narrative surrounding these advancing technologies. To advance human nature in the Age of Technology, to cut through the noise, the focus of the One Divide Platform is grounded in not only where we are presently but also where we are heading.

Within the subjective computational boundaries, an additional complication becomes apparent: it is not only the classic philosophical “is/ought” problem we are attempting to solve but also the “true/false” problem of how we want to interpret or make inferences about human behavior(s) and thus human experience and the human condition neuro-physiologically. It is not the “where we are” part of the equation but rather the “where we are headed,” whether philosophically, psychologically, or technologically, that will be defined by the element of habit and action that initiates patterns of behavior — which operate within various situational dynamics that come to inform and define the human experience.

However, changing situational dynamics is dependent upon actionable steps of (1) gaining awareness and (2) an explicit understanding of the problem involved, and (3) the problem-solving sequence for it.

With the sound notion that computational formulas or algorithmic sequences based in objectivity generally outperform subjective judgements or decisions made by individual agents, the classic philosophical "is/ought" problem once again arises. When inserted into the modern context of where we are and where we are headed in terms of continuing the human evolutionary process through and beyond the twenty-first century, this problem calls up the issues surrounding consciousness, intelligence, and simulation theories attempting to underpin and inform our understanding of human behavior and of human knowledge: Recursively initiating the “true/false” problem.

Operating intentionally from first principles, and despite all the diverse topics of exploration relevant to this discussion, bringing further awareness and explicit understanding of Emotional Warfare as an evolving law of human nature that comprises very concrete, weakly emergent strata and principled philosophical and psychological notions revealed within the Philosophy of One Divide's groundwork, continuously extends the (self-)evidentiary range of the theory of Emotional Warfare — pushing the One Divide Platform, and our understanding of human behavior and of human knowledge, toward a seamless intellectual bridge between the domains of Philosophy, Psychology, and Artificial Intelligence [AI].

The Philosophy

One Divide
One Divide

One Divide provides a philosophy of science and analytical philosophy predicated on the theory of Emotional Warfare. Key elements of the platform include:

  • Strategic positioning within contemporary mechanistic understandings of the natural world and a functional-causal framework of the human mind, establishing a sound mechanistic-functionalist approach
  • Examination of issues central to causation, agency, and efficacy, capturing the cause-deterministic action of the intra-interplay of Emotional Warfare’s Pattern(s) and outlining a cause-derivative choice or "free will potentiality"
  • A unique, category-inspired language system that provides intellectual conduits designed to work both in technical, scientific, and naturalistic spaces and in common-sense or folk-psychology spheres, allowing information to flow seamlessly through a universal interface
  • A meta-learning premise that expands agency and efficacy parameters rather than constraining agency and efficacy to domain-specific territories, for instance to the perspective of cognitive science, cognitive architecture, or deep machine learning
  • A meta-philosophical position that allows the examination of multiple fields, including but not limited to the philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, moral philosophy, game theory, computational game theory, evolutionary game theory, social contract theory, and artificial intelligence — adding versatility to the Emotional Warfare education approach through advanced meta-learning, which is centered on real-world deployment and utility

The Psychology

One Divide
One Divide

One Divide’s philosophy of science establishes a new approach to psychology and methodology. Key elements include:

  • As a law of nature and common denominator of the human condition, the theory of Emotional Warfare operates within a probabilistic structural diagram, providing necessary psychological model flexibility
  • The platform functions as a system-to-system advancement of modern philosophy and psychology theories, providing universal utility that works in both diagnostic and non-diagnostic frameworks, such as the DSM-5 (US) or the Power–Threat–Meaning Framework (UK), and aligns with ongoing advances within neuroscience and cognitive architectures such as modern connectionist neural network models
  • It provides full psychopathology framework compatibility (brain or mental diseases and psychosocial injuries or disorders) and advanced understandings of agency and efficacy through One Divide’s “behavior-based moral model” or moral decision-making framework
  • It establishes a new, definitive conception of the True Self state of being and the False Self disorder, advancing Winnicott’s false-self disorder through a broadened framework that establishes an organism—environment mediator and dual-purpose coping/defense mechanism with both metatheoretical and clinical utility
  • It extends, crucially, into practical and sociopolitical application — while remaining consistent with modern theory and science

One Divide

Going Deeper

Capturing the Realities of Behavioral Phenomena

Through advancing intellectual precursors and academic approaches and common knowledge born of human experience, using a category-inspired language system, the Philosophy of One Divide uniquely articulates the issues central to human conflict and human unity — and provides human transformation potential and optimization through a critical overview of human nature and human psychology. This yields a comprehensive psychopathology framework that captures the realities of behavioral phenomena informed by the deterministic mechanistic-functionalism of Emotional Warfare and the intra-interplay of its Pattern(s).

This platform explores and reveals the nonsubjective, nonexperiential self, examining universal and evolutionary behavioral principles through a first-person practical, philosophical, and psychological perspective, yielding conceptual clarity. It utilizes education as a means of intra- and interpersonal, assisted or unassisted intervention through an advanced platform for philosophy, theory, and practice that applies to mental health and mental illness, including both psychotic and nonpsychotic afflictions, advancing traditional platforms and psychologies (including social and humanistic) in a manner that extends through all levels of discourse — from the metatheoretical to the sociopolitical.

…The Philosophy of One Divide uniquely articulates the issues central to human conflict and human unity.

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  • Intersectionality

    One Divide’s universal algorithmic information equation: -1 + 1 = 0

    This straightforward input/output algorithm illustrates the intersectionality of human conflict and human unity and represents One Divide’s moral imperative — the closing of the One Divide.

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  • One Divide Method

    True Self Help

    The Philosophy of One Divide provides an advanced method and behavior model and innovative True Intent Frame — a philosophical-psychology design that allows for the identification and dissection of the False Self, and the dissection and optimization of the True Self.

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  • Dual-Transactional Behavior Model (DTBM)

    Anatomy of the Pattern of Emotional Warfare: The Map

    The same One Divide® Method that is used to understand a person’s own Inward Emotional Warfare (IEW) is applied to the interpersonal, sociological, or sociopolitical realms of the human experience: Outward Emotional Warfare (OEW). This creates the Emotional Warfare Interplay Equation: IEW + OEW = Emotional Warfare Interplay.

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Consulting Services

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Education and professional consulting services.

One Divide Consulting Services

ONE DIVIDE provides education and professional consulting services informed by the Philosophy of One Divide and theory of Emotional Warfare, professionally and academically endorsed by leading scholars and experts in the field.

All of these services are centered on an advanced method and behavior model that allows objective intelligence about intra- and interpersonal human conflict and how to achieve human unity through new behavior-pattern identification and processing and pattern recognition of Emotional Warfare. They provide essential intra- and interpersonal navigation skills and conflict abatement strategies designed to promote personal emotional growth and professional optimization in a manner that adds social value.

…Professionally and academically endorsed by leading scholars and experts in the field.

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“A Critical Contribution to Understanding Mental Health & Illness”

A review by Waldemar A. Schmidt, PHD, MD, Professor Emeritus Oregon Health and Science University

I have accumulated 70+ years of life experience and have studied the human condition for the past 5 decades. It is my professional opinion that Edward Kroger’s One Divide Philosophy — and his Theory of Emotional Warfare — addresses important and outstanding questions and problems in our understanding of both adaptive and maladaptive human behaviors. Importantly, the claims made by the philosophy are rational and evaluable and these insights are consistent with current psychological knowledge and theories of and about human conduct.

Kroger’s philosophical contribution provides some powerful clues about the nature of both mental health and mental illness — two concepts which remain to this day poorly defined and understood. Commonly, these are practically and ineffectively defined with respect to one another. That is, mental health is the condition when one does not harbor mental illness, whilst mental illness is when one is not mentally healthy. As a result, we have limited useful insight as to how and why behavioral disorders arise (and are best treated) and only dim comprehension of how we may achieve, maintain, and characterize mental health.

The One Divide Philosophy and Theory of Emotional Warfare, on the other hand, recognizes maladaptive and abnormal mental dysfunctions (i.e., mental illnesses) which exist on the basis of brains that don’t work effectively (i.e., “broken brains” and most psychoses) and those where functionally effective brains aren’t used effectively (i.e., “intact brains” and the neuroses).

Crucially, Kroger’s philosophy applies to both non-psychotic and psychotic afflictions! Interestingly, this perspective is shared by the Clinical Psychology Division of the British Psychological Association’s Power Threat Meaning Framework, a product of an entirely different group operating a continent and an ocean distant from Edward Kroger. Which implies that multiple persons are coming to identical, or at least similar, conclusions.

In sum, the One Divide Philosophy and Theory of Emotional Warfare deserves serious attention from those who care for and about the mentally afflicted, whether they be academically, theoretically and philosophically, or therapeutically inclined.

…Kroger’s philosophical contribution provides some powerful clues about the nature of both mental health and mental illness...

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Books 1–6

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Original Foundational Framework and Philosophical Literature

The One Divide/Emotional Warfare Platform provides a series of educational books that outline the supporting principles of the Philosophy of One Divide and the theoretical framework of Emotional Warfare.

Written as a comprehensive treatise on the issues central to human conflict and human unity and the theory of Emotional Warfare, the books in the first set (Books 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) are designed to work as online textbooks, providing the groundwork and information needed to find and protect one’s independent emotional freedom while creating a movement toward a unified, elevated state of collective consciousness — a true contemporary ONEness — attained through new behavior-pattern awareness. This type of individual and societal awareness applies to a multitude of behavioral phenomena, including intra- and interpersonal agreement and disagreement modeling and person-to-person navigation techniques.

Of special note, Book 6 expands the Emotional Warfare treatise by providing a scholarly and extensive, but not exhaustive, meta-perspective and deeper dive into the original foundational framework and philosophical literature of the Philosophy of One Divide and theory of Emotional Warfare established in Books 1–5.

…The supporting principles of the Philosophy of One Divide and the theoretical framework of Emotional Warfare.

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