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A quick, meta-perspective to peer into the groundwork to the Philosophy of One Divide.


The Philosophy of One Divide accomplishes this by identifying the functional Pattern(s) of Emotional Warfare, which are core Emotional Survival strategies and processes that drive intrapsychic and interpersonal conflict, distress, and divisiveness and come to define parameters associated with notions of self, identity, and society.

The following information and “deep dive” sections below have been formatted to provide a quick, meta-perspective peer into the groundwork to the Philosophy of One Divide — a practical philosophy, anchored in analytical philosophy and category theory, that provides a universal psycho-educational (and psycho-technological) platform and language system for human transformation through a systematic approach to moral living that is grounded in naturalistic accounts of human activity.

The One Divide Method works both in objective diagnostic medical frameworks and nondiagnostic frameworks, including nonspecialized “self-help” platforms that use subjective and/or social judgements to determine levels of normalcy or states of well-being and that deal with adaptive/maladaptive (e.g., healthy/unhealthy) thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, whether influenced by underlying biological functions or not, and whether wholly contained within an individual or extending between people, while, crucially, addressing instrumental concerns over intra- and interpersonal physical and emotional survival resources and taking a new approach to improving the human condition.

…The universal and unified One Divide® Method is designed to help individuals find emotional freedom by enabling them to identify Patterns of Emotional Warfare and learn how to reverse these cycles to achieve greater True Self (or authentic) flourishing — both mentally or psychologically and morally or ethically as social participants within the human network.

Human Psychological Theory, Social Contract Theory, and Beyond

The psychological organization of the individual and psychosocial architecture of political society

The theory of Emotional Warfare’s influence comes into full focus when examining social contract theory. As discussed in One Divide’s literature, Emotional Warfare and the interplay of its Patterns can be seen as a type of intra- and interpersonal sociopolitical gamesmanship — a gamification of identity — centered on instrumental resources (including within the emotional realm or psyche of the human person) fundamental to physical and emotional survival needs that align with two key theories that shape the modern understanding of human behaviors and social contract theory itself: the theory of mind and the theory of status and alliance. Each theory in isolation creates an undeniable influence, and jointly they contribute exponentially to an individual’s underlying Pattern of Emotional Warfare. This Pattern is honed throughout life and reinforced through the mind, which perceives reality and forms the ideas that correspond to that reality — and, of course, are reflected back and/or expressed or communicated through interaction with the psychosocial and/or sociopolitical-global elements of that reality in the form of verbal and nonverbal language.

The Philosophy of One Divide is a system-to-system advancement of other views of the psychological organization of the individual and psychosocial architecture of political society. It takes into consideration both human nature and the shared human experience, resulting in an original is/ought or cause/solution philosophical-psychological fusion and argument based on an analytical philosophy and a unified and universal methodology that includes a Machiavellian and Hobbes-inspired assessment of human nature.

Many external reference points have shaped perspectives on human nature and how sense of self and conception of identity operate. One Divide’s philosophical premises investigate these source points as they relate to the theory of Emotional Warfare’s multidimensional architecture and framework, which goes beyond traditional understandings, extending further into the human psyche and society while being a universal platform that works practically in the natural world through a unique category theory–inspired language system. It advances not only vital elements of contemporary human psychological theory and traditional notions of social contract theory but the notions of evolutionary game theory, and it delves into the granular philosophy of science contextualization.

The theory of Emotional Warfare reshapes the various positions taken within the philosophy of psychology, moral philosophy, social philosophy, and so on.

The result is pattern-driven analytics within the person and within society — and the illumination of today’s technologically advanced and more emotion-based world that is producing a new form of culture.

…“I think the theorists I have learned about at university and in the field all had a piece of how to get people to move forward… The Philosophy of One Divide is not only Rogers, Gestalt, Berne, Freud, Ellis put together but a whole lot more.”
Ann Marie Brown

Master of Science & Licensed Mental Health Counselor LMHC, NCC & BCN-Certified in Neurofeedback / Biofeedback

Deep Dives

Philosophy & Theory
One Divide Deep Dives
  • The Philosophy of One Divide

    Section 1

    A meta-perspective established through a critical assessment of human nature, conflict, and unity: the universals and the particulars. Topics in this section include:

    • The One (Emotional) Divide and Emotional Warfare
    • Groundwork to Identifying the False Self and True Self: Building off and further developing Donald Winnicott’s false self disorder.

    Explore the philosophy

  • Theory of Emotional Warfare

    Section 2

    A multilevel definitional framework that captures the “action” of Emotional Warfare through its intra-interplay — establishing Emotional Warfare’s gestalt within the human person and the shared human experience. Topics in this section include:

    Emotional Warfare: A Multilevel Definitional Framework

    • General and Technical Definitions
    • Unconscious and/or Subconscious to Conscious Uses

    Emotional Warfare: A Law of Nature and Common Denominator

    • Addressing Modern Advancements in the Fields of Psychology and Neuroscience
    • Addressing Practical to Sociopolitical Understandings

    Explore the theory

  • Anatomy of the Pattern of Emotional Warfare: The Map

    Section 3

    The Building Blocks: Psychological steps and states that form the Pattern of Emotional Warfare and subconsciously and/or unconsciously inform both interior and outward issues centered on Emotional Warfare’s interplay. Topics in this section include:

    • Advancing the False Self concept via the Broken Trust Event

    Explore the map

  • Emotion-Based Survival Skills (EBSS) & Perceived Security

    Section 4

    Central principles that underpin the theoretical framework of Emotional Warfare, resulting from a critical assessment of human nature, our evolution, and modern theory. Topics in this section include:

    • EBSS Binary Spectrum: A Fluid Positional Axis
    • EBSS: The Repeated Cycle and the Darwinian attributes of the False Self
    • Perceived Security and the Formation of the Emotional Prison: A Synoptic Overview

    Explore ebss

  • The Emotional Prison

    Section 5

    Individual and Societal Health in the Philosophical-Psychology Domain. Topics in this section include:

    • Level One: Inward Emotional Warfare (IEW)
    • Level Two: Outward Emotional Warfare (OEW)
    • The Dual Metaphysical Anchoring and Field of Emotional Warfare and the Natural-World Functionalism of the Theory of Emotional Warfare: The Premise of a New Philosophical Psychology and the Established Utility of One Divide’s Methodology and Practice
    • TA Language System for Individual and Collective Human Transformation: Evolutionary Wisdom and Moral Philosophy
    • True Self versus False Self: Agency and Efficacy
    • True Self Agency: A Deontological Imperative

    Explore the Emotional Prison

Additional Resources


For a comprehensive look at the Philosophy of One Divide and the Emotional Warfare® educational platform, explore the Emotional Warfare book series:

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    Audience: Motivated individual, independent practitioner, psychologist, or philosopher.

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  • Emotional Warfare® Essay Collection, Vol 1.

    A Refinement of the Original Foundational Framework and Philosophical Literature

    A specifically tailored long-form presentation designed to provide an extensive, but not exhaustive, meta-perspective and deeper dive into the original foundational framework and philosophical literature of the Philosophy of One Divide and theory of Emotional Warfare — and expanded (technical) articulations of the supporting concepts and principles of the Philosophy of One Divide as established within the written treatise of Emotional Warfare: Books No. 1 – 5.

    Audience: Highly motivated individual, advanced psychologist, philosopher, academic, or scholarly researcher.

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