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One Divide Professional Consulting Services

ONE DIVIDE provides education and professional consulting services informed by the Philosophy of One Divide and theory of Emotional Warfare, professionally and academically endorsed by leading scholars and experts in the field.

All of these services are centered on an advanced method and behavior model that allows objective intelligence about intra- and interpersonal human conflict and how to achieve human unity through new behavior-pattern identification and processing and pattern recognition of Emotional Warfare. They provide essential intra- and interpersonal navigation skills and conflict abatement strategies designed to promote personal emotional growth and professional optimization in a manner that adds social value.

Personal Level

    Individual Counseling & Consulting Services

  • Individual Counseling & Consulting Services

    Personal-Level Counseling consultations use the Philosophy of One Divide's Method, stemming from One Divide's proprietary theory of Emotional Warfare, its pattern-seeking device the Dual-Transactional Behavior Model (DTBM), and the resulting predictive structural analytics to provide a detailed understanding of how to examine one’s life. Sessions are constructed within the context of One Divide’s philosophical approach to counseling, established to assist individuals in living complete lives in an overall state of well-being, moving past emotional issues and conceptual barriers. Students of One Divide gain independent emotional freedom, advanced levels of self-expertise, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence — learning to understand human conflict to build human unity throughout the process.

    These sessions allow for an individualized identification of the interplay of Emotional Warfare and personalized adaptive behavior mapping. One Divide’s Method uses education about Emotional Warfare as a means of intervention, helping people adjust their behaviors and mindsets to stop conflict where it starts. In this way, develop enhanced intra- and interpersonal conversational context-building and navigation techniques that aid in everyday life and in achieving personal goals, establishing the practice of True Self Efficacy. Ultimately, the Method helps consultees achieve their individual goals while embracing the necessary learning curve upward toward their fullest potential.

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Professional Division

    Professional & Executive Management

  • Professional & Executive Management

    One Divide's Emotional Warfare Consulting Services branch from the personal context into the professional. They assist executives, business leaders and independent professionals in integrating the Philosophy of One Divide and education about Emotional Warfare into their workplaces. One Divide’s consulting services include specialized conflict strategies and negotiation services that cultivate unbiased decision making, leading to meaningful change that reaches beyond the conventional personal, professional and business-to-business boundaries created though the interplay of Emotional Warfare.

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  • Psychologist & Independent Practitioner Training Program

  • Psychologist & Independent Practitioner Training Program

    The One Divide / Emotional Warfare Educational Platform extends beyond the personal and the professional context directly into the mental health field through the application of the psychologist and independent practitioner. This tailored Emotional Warfare training program is designed to assist the mental health care provider in beginning to properly integrate the Philosophy of One Divide and the theory of Emotional Warfare into the highest state of practice to help clients and counselees attain their most effective states and fullest lives.

    All participants in One Divide’s training program must be licensed in a mental health field or, if not licensed, employed by an agency that provides specialized training to become a social worker, case worker, etc. and/or have completed master’s-level coursework, currently be on a licensing track and be supervised by a licensed clinician with the appropriate letter on file. A letter from the licensed supervising clinician must be sent to One Divide Management, Inc.

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  • Conflict Strategy & Negotiation Services

  • Conflict Strategy & Negotiation Services

    Expert Implementation of Conflict Abatement Strategies & Multidimensional Negotiation Techniques

    One Divide’s Conflict Strategy and Negotiation Services are provided directly by Edward Kroger and utilize his proprietary theory of Emotional Warfare to provide alignment and conflict-resolution strategies, establish trust, build collaborative negotiation opportunities and shift mindsets, ultimately creating long-term value and meaningful change. On a personal basis, Mr. Kroger offers his unique expertise and advisement in identifying and navigating the interplays of Emotional Warfare to ensure success in spoken and unspoken negotiations and complex situations. This highly tailored service suits personal, professional and business-to-business needs that demand high levels of adaptability and acute awareness of emotional, cultural and political dynamics.

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