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Zero-Player, Self-Play, Two-Player, and Multiplayer Game Formats and Advanced Sentiment Analysis and Adaptive Behavior Mapping

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Designed to benefit humanity by providing objective intelligence about human conflict and how to achieve human unity through new behavior-pattern processing and pattern recognition of Emotional Warfare and its interplay, via the domain of philosophical psychology, which aligns seamlessly with psychotechnology (AI and AGI).

The ONE DIVIDE Structural Analytics and AI Platform uses the Philosophy of One Divide's pattern-seeking device, the Dual-Transactional Behavior Model (DTBM), and the resulting predictive structural analytics to provide a detailed understanding of human behavior, revealed in a kaleidoscopic diamond pattern.

This allows for advanced identification of the interplay of Emotional Warfare and for a new form of adaptive behavior mapping and conversational context building. Produced exclusively through One Divide's proprietary theory of Emotional Warfare, this binary, fractal agreement- and disagreement-modeling matrix is designed specifically with the tech industry in mind.

ONE DIVIDE AI redefines our understanding of what singularity and programmed-consciousness platforms (AI or AGI) can mean. It synergizes our understanding of human behaviors with the theory of Emotional Warfare and technological advancements to build new programming schematics that provide learning tools for healthy relationship building centered on improving the collective human network and moving us toward true ONEness through human decision-making strategies and computational game theory.

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Edward Kroger

Founder of One Divide
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Edward Kroger

The Dual-Transactional Behavior Model


A Game Designed for Zero-Player, Self-Play, Two-Player, and Multiplayer Applications

Dual-Transactional Behavior Model diagram - One Divide

The term fractal was coined in 1975 by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot to describe shapes that seem to exist on both a small scale and a large scale within the same natural object.

The process yields an infrastructure that allows for development of an advanced artificial intelligence (narrow AI) model and a future artificial general intelligence (AGI) platform, designed to benefit humanity, through two distinct fractal patterns — centered on One Divide's philosophy, the theory of Emotional Warfare, and the practice of its principles — that lead to autonomous machine learning of intra- and interpersonal agreement and disagreement modeling.

This will provide continuous objective, unbiased intelligence and deep sentiment analysis about human conflict and how to achieve human unity through an awareness (phase 1) and explicit understanding (phase 2) of Emotional Warfare and the interplay of its Patterns.

As an extension of humanity, One Divide's structural analytics and AI platform work as a technological reinforcement learning agent in conjunction with One Divide's educational platform about Emotional Warfare. This helps the individual learn about him or herself and gain self-expertise and advanced levels of emotional intelligence and social intelligence.

With the intent of bringing humanity closer to an elevated collective consciousness/intelligence and to unity or ONEness, through an innovative structural diagram and a model-based system that works for both human and synthetic agents, within self-play, two-player, and multiplayer game frameworks.

The Building Blocks of Emotional Warfare


The gamification of identity, and the identity matrix: A mental-to-synthetic model.

For a full deep dive into the Philosophy of One Divide and its groundwork, download:
Book 6: The Essay Collection: Volume 1
  • Fractalization

    Macro and Micro Causal Explanations and DTBM Mechanics

    One Divide provides a philosophy and psychology designed to ensure the macro explanation is sufficient while embracing but not necessarily adhering to the micro explanation.

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  • Meta-Learning

    Learning to Learn: Patterns and the Human Brain

    As when building any mental or synthetic model, it is important to establish a baseline of thought that will allow for necessary abstract conceptualization and metatheoretical contextualization of the information presented.

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  • The Map

    Anatomy of the Pattern of Emotional Warfare: The Map

    An anatomical view of the Pattern of Emotional Warfare, constructed as an interactive communication mechanism for both the general user and the academic researcher or practitioner

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Category Theory, Computational Game Theory

Going Deeper

Applying the platform's language system to the Building Blocks.

The identification process for a Pattern of Emotional Warfare and ultimately eliminating what is false (i.e., a true negative: -1) to produce what is true (i.e., a true positive: +1) to create human unity or ONEness is presented in an informal but necessary conversational language that establishes One Divide's universal moral imperative and algorithm -1 + 1 = 0 within the framework of the human psyche as knowledge (for a brief look at One Divide's algorithmic information equation, see here).

This type of knowing begins to generate mental-behavior states of being or more energetic movement toward the true positive — and psychological insight — for the individual by traversing the inner emotional divide and exploring each of the nine Building Blocks which form the Pattern of Emotional Warfare that governs their life and the social influence factors and human-to-human sociopolitical dynamics that One Divide’s philosophy addresses. The philosophy also simplifies these dynamics through a common-sense proposition and conceptualization of self states of being that can be utilized within the broad context of the gamification of identity.

…As with all other human endeavors, and to advance the species philosophically and psychologically—and technologically—along an upward, more upright trajectory, we must proceed beyond intellectual and emotional constraints.
  • The Interface

    Exploring the MAP and user interface

    An anatomical view of the Pattern of Emotional Warfare, constructed as an interactive communication mechanism for both the general user and the academic researcher or practitioner

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One Divide's AI Platform is currently under development