Macro and micro causal explanations
and DTBM mechanics

One Divide provides a philosophy and psychology designed to ensure the macro explanation is sufficient while embracing but not necessarily adhering to the micro explanation, proposing the following for consideration of the DTBM’s mechanics: human behavior, whether viewed biologically, mentally, philosophically, or psychologically, often varies like the image one sees through a kaleidoscope — it displays complex patterns and a constantly changing array of colors. The DTBM and its structural diagram utilize the shape of a diamond, not only for visual purposes but also for structural purposes; these ever-shifting patterns of human behavior then appear as a set of kaleidoscopic diamond motifs, revealing a fractal component to human nature. The American Heritage Dictionary of Student Science defines a fractal as:

a geometric pattern repeated at ever-smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by standard geometry. Even the most minute details of a fractal’s pattern repeat elements of the geometric pattern. Fractals are widely used in computer modeling of irregular patterns and structures in nature, such as the patterns of seasonal weather. They are also considered to be a visual representation of chaos.1

(Consider Benoît Mandelbrot’s work on new forms of randomness in science, in which he demonstrated that a characteristic of fractals is the repetition of similar forms at different levels of observation, theoretically at all levels of observation).2 The fractal element of human nature revealed in the DTBM has never before been clear, allowing unpredictability and behavioral chaos to provide varying degrees of Perceived Security to whoever is analyzing human nature — or utilizing human behavior for their own gain in the form of psychological or psychosocial advantage.

Seeing these fractal kaleidoscopic diamond patterns in human behavior reveals the way in which One Divide’s analytics are ultimately produced through the predisposed positions of the EBSS Inflated A and Inflated B taken by an individual’s deployed False Self (for further explanation, visit the EBSS Deep Dive). It is also here on the gradient scale on which the EBSS of the False Self operate that it becomes clear how the fractal component of the DTBM produces accurate structural analytics. Despite humans’ behavioral complexity and the sometimes chaotic appearance of human nature, these structural analytics are in fact predictive.

These analytics move toward a precise understanding of human behavior and its complexity, contained within the Philosophy of One Divide’s conception of the gamification of identity — and, more importantly, of the negative inward and outward behavior patterns (and its parts that are identified as Building Blocks) that, if not properly understood or seen, lead further into a repeated cycle built on recreated emotional paradigms that utilize the False Self’s EBSS to their capacity, generating Perceived Security. This not only perpetuates society’s inability to find a path to human unity but promotes human conflict.

However, just as the repeated cycle is predictable and formed through a type of fractal disagreement modeling — manifested endlessly by the negative energetic qualities of the universally applicable masculine and feminine emotional traits that appear when operating within a deployed False Self and its EBSS of the Inflated A and/or Inflated B positions — the Reversed Cycle, driven by the structural analytics produced by the DTBM, can create a type of fractal agreement modeling that is manifested endlessly by each individual’s unique, positive energetic qualities of the universally applicable masculine and feminine emotional traits that appear when operating within the True Self’s executive control and True Self efficacy. This is living emotionally free, without use of Emotional Warfare or repeating familiar emotional cycles and negative behavior patterns, adding true vibrancy and diversity to the shared human experience, generating a simultaneous individual and collective social value.

“Advancing the species philosophically, psychologically, and technologically demands a teleological narrative, an individual-based, collective-inspired worldview. Such a narrative must be directed not only at scientific or technological advancement, or human activism or humanist progress, but at a new metaphorical understanding of and semantic associational value for what human unity or “singularity” could be.”

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