Vision of One Divide®

One Divide is quite clear in its vision to create an educational platform about Emotional Warfare and its Pattern(s) — to use the principles and theoretical framework established in the Philosophy of One Divide and the field of Emotional Warfare to demonstrate the inherent, fundamental issues in human behavior that have yet to be fully examined, either regarding individuals or within the collective human species itself. This platform is built with the overall intent of elevating the collective consciousness and creating a movement toward ONEness.

Traditional models of behavior, theoretical frameworks, platforms of spirituality and/or philosophies that aim to achieve an overall state of wellbeing — whether it be within the individual person or within the human species — have failed to expose the common thread of Emotional Warfare and its Patterns, which have persisted throughout mankind’s existence, holding open the One (emotional) Divide that separates us.

One Divide’s mission to expose the instigator to all human conflict — the One (emotional) Divide — and spread universal awareness to end the use of Emotional Warfare has the core purpose of helping individuals find, defend and protect their independent emotional freedom.

Of course, this is to help ensure all of us have the opportunity to reach our potential not only as human beings but as the human race itself.