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Expert Implementation of Conflict Abatement Strategies And Multidimensional Negotiation Techniques

One Divide Conflict Strategy & Negotiation Services

One Divide’s Professional Division also offers specialized conflict-abatement strategies and negotiation services to fit personal, professional and business-to-business needs that demand high levels of adaptability and acute awareness of complex emotional, cultural and political dynamics.

One Divide’s Conflict Strategy and Negotiation Services are provided directly by Edward Kroger and utilize his proprietary theory of Emotional Warfare to implement tailored alignment and conflict-resolution strategies, establish trust, build collaborative negotiation opportunities and shift mindsets, ultimately creating long-term value and meaningful change. Mr. Kroger offers his unique expertise and advisement in identifying and navigating the interplays of Emotional Warfare to ensure success in spoken and unspoken negotiations and complex emotional, cultural and political situations, all of which involve the biases or prejudices, unconscious assumptions, competitiveness and so on that damage person-to-person relationships and business-to-business partnerships or dealings.

Peacefully navigating and successfully negotiating high-conflict personal or professional dealings, bilateral or multiparty agendas and competitive business-to-business scenarios demands expert identification and elimination of Emotional Warfare and the interplay of its Patterns.

One Divide’s conflict strategy and negotiation services provide this, allowing participants to navigate the conceptual barriers that prevent effective bargaining.
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Edward Kroger

Edward Kroger has successfully applied his unique expertise and advisement regarding Emotional Warfare for individuals, leading professionals and top-ranked businesses since One Divide’s introduction in 2012. He has brought the Philosophy of One Divide into a range of industry settings through specialized conflict strategies and multidimensional negotiation techniques, reducing the negative behavioral phenomena generated through Emotional Warfare’s interplay and producing measurable emotional and financial outcomes for participants. Mr. Kroger has been awarded double certifications in advanced negotiations by Harvard University.

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