Becoming an expert in yourself & mastering the interplay of Emotional Warfare

One Divide Personal-Level Counseling

One Divide Personal-Level counseling consultations use the Philosophy of One Divide's Method, stemming from One Divide's proprietary theory of Emotional Warfare, its pattern-seeking device the Dual-Transactional Behavior Model (DTBM), and the resulting predictive structural analytics to provide a detailed understanding of how to examine one’s life and move past emotional issues and conceptual barriers. Sessions follow One Divide’s philosophical approach to instilling advanced levels of self-expertise, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence — and understanding of human conflict to build human unity. These sessions allow for an individualized identification of the interplay of Emotional Warfare and personalized adaptive behavior mapping. Through One Divide’s philosophical approach, you are assisted in achieving defined goals through the practice of True Self Efficacy, ultimately achieving your individual goals while embracing a healthy striving upward — toward your fullest potential.

…The essential first step to any meaningful change.

One Divide’s overall premise is that statements about human behavior, general or broad, should only be accepted when they capture a phenomenon that can not only be described but can become observable to others. A study of Emotional Warfare and its Patterns not only defines the behavioral phenomena resulting from them but also makes those phenomena observable, for the purposes of True Self Help.

Philosophically speaking, to know one’s True Self is to know one’s False Self. One Divide’s Method is a process of eliminating all that is false in you, leaving only what is true, so that you can begin to live — emotionally free — through tailored pattern identification and processing and recognition of Emotional Warfare and the Interplay of its Patterns(s). By exploring the intricacies of each Building Block of Emotional Warfare, you develop the ability to identify and reverse the cyclical Patterns of Emotional Warfare that govern both your inner and outer worlds, releasing you from the Interplay of Emotional Warfare and finding, defending, and protecting your independent emotional freedom, moving outside the gamification of identity that prevails in society.

Ultimately, you achieve a Reversed Cycle, closing the gap between your two worlds and with it the space — the One (emotional) Divide — that allows Emotional Warfare and its Interplay to exist in your life. In the end, this is how you find your emotional freedom and develop not only True Self Efficacy but also the security we all need so fundamentally, allowing you the opportunity to reach your full potential and giving you security in freedom in the process.

Private and group sessions are led personally by Edward Kroger or by counselors trained in One Divide and licensed in a mental health field. All sessions utilize Mr. Kroger’s proprietary theory of Emotional Warfare.


  • Individual Counseling & Consulting Services

    Private counseling consultations allow for personalized exploration of the principles and Method of the Philosophy of One Divide, providing a more in-depth view of how and why the Pattern(s) of Emotional Warfare have come to govern your life through intra- and interpersonal interplay. These consultations are designed to suit your individual needs to make sure you understand and can implement the principles and Method of the Philosophy of One Divide and achieve defined goals centered on learning about Emotional Warfare and the Interplay of its Pattern(s), building True Self Efficacy through practice, and utilizing One Divide’s educational platform as a means of intervention and True Self Help. These counseling sessions are available on a limited basis.


  • Professional & Executive Management

    Group counseling sessions work in conjunction with Personal-Level Counseling consultations and Emotional Warfare Workshops, using tailored formats that address specific and sensitive topics of discussion within a group setting. Information presented utilizes One Divide’s Emotional Warfare educational platform and philosophical approach to counseling, following One Divide’s principles and Method, all centering on the counselor’s use of the Dual-Transactional Behavior Model. Group sessions are available on a limited basis.

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