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An individual’s True Self—his or her optimized potentiality that, if actualized, could contribute to the human network in a purposed, meaningful way—is not a fixed or an innate sense of identity derived from within but rather is revealed over time through direct investment in a two-phase process: first, gaining an awareness of behavioral patterns and their linguistic representations (e.g., interior and outward dialogue), and secondly, attaining explicit understanding of those patterns.

The behavioral architecture that supports the theoretical framework of Emotional Warfare and its Pattern(s) has not only shaped but come to define understandings of human nature and human psychology and has produced the language and the predicate that psychologists and philosophers use to communicate those understandings. This includes existing theories of agency and, consequently, modern conventions and convictions that surround the issues central to identity and the various psychological platforms centered on achieving overall states of well-being, whether on individual or collective levels. However, these convictions are not only conceptual a priori but remain conceptual once the individual gains self-awareness, provided he or she does not also gain an explicit understanding of the supporting structure that defines the theoretical framework to Emotional Warfare and the interplay of its Patterns. Of course, the language surrounding the identifiers of the self is continuously shifting as society's cognitive ability to theorize who people are has integrated with the way society conceptualizes who people want to be.

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Considering One Divide’s Emotional Warfare Educational Platform and the Philosophy of One Divide’s principles themselves, the use of the word practice regarding their application is of special interest, in the context of classifying where this platform fits within the philosophical and psychological worlds. This is relevant for the person acting as the psychologist and for discussing the integration of this platform into counseling, therapeutic forums and psychoanalytic sessions.

When exploring One Divide’s theoretical and philosophical psychology, individuals will find that the theory of Emotional Warfare and its Building Blocks’ attributes will apply to all participants, and their universal nature produces an inevitable end result. The Philosophy of One Divide and theory of Emotional Warfare apply to everyone, even those assisting another or others through them. In this sense, the field of Emotional Warfare is a field of study in and of itself, and the Philosophy of One Divide is a discipline to be followed.

The Training Program

  • The Training Program

    This tailored training program centers in the Emotional Warfare Educational Platform as philosophical-psychology approach that helps clients and counselees examine their lives within the broad scope of human behavior that includes everyday phenomena. In conjunction with the Dual-Transactional Behavior Model, it provides a comprehensive psychological theory suitable for directing interventions.

    In addition to one-on-one training with Mr. Kroger, specialized workshops are provided with lectures, diagrams and seminar-like discussions to cover in detail how to utilize One Divide’s adaptive behavioral-mapping techniques to navigate the nuances of the Interplay of Emotional Warfare and its psychological effects within the client/practitioner setup.

    This accelerated training program focuses on the Dual-Transactional Behavioral Model (DTBM), One Divide’s pattern-seeking device that produces a set of behavioral analytics. These sessions also work in conjunction with all One Divide’s written materials, from the basics set out in The Reference Guide to Emotional Warfare: Book No. 1 through to the detailed examination of One Divide’s philosophical platform and principles set out in Theory of Emotional Warfare: Book No. 5, and expanded upon within the meta-perspective peer into the original foundational framework and philosophical literature of the Philosophy of One Divide as found in the Essay Collection, Vol. 1 presentation.

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