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Becoming an expert in yourself & mastering the interplay of Emotional Warfare

One Divide Professional & Executive Management Consulting

One Divide Emotional Warfare Consulting Services assist executives, business leaders and independent professionals in integrating the Philosophy of One Divide and education about Emotional Warfare into their workplaces.

“The landscape of life is ever changing. Those who adapt, gain crucial social skills and learn about Emotional Warfare rather than conform to its Patterns will succeed — both personally and professionally. This evolutionary adaptability is an absolute necessity in today’s more emotion-based [business] world and is required to ensure that our forward progress creates meaningful change within humanity, both individually and collectively.”
- Mastering the Interplay of Emotional Warfare®
A Supplemental Guide to the Philosophy of One Divide®

…Lead Meaningful Change With Others

Communications, interactions and relationships within any industry or organizational infrastructure involve Emotional Warfare, informed by underlying Patterns of Emotional Warfare. Spoken and unspoken negotiations, compromises, mutual co-operation and, at times, compliance between our Patterns of Emotional Warfare make up the majority of what most of us experience — and this is especially evident within the professional (or monetary) sphere of life.

When properly integrated, the principles of the Philosophy of One Divide and education about Emotional Warfare end the interplay of our Patterns of Emotional Warfare — allowing us to find more meaningfulness and purpose in our lives and creating the potential for our work to truly have an impact on others’ life experiences.

Gaining an awareness and explicit understanding of Emotional Warfare and its Pattern(s) with these Professional Division consultations produces healthier interpersonal, intraoffice, business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. This new set of tools and techniques will greatly impact our societal and global community as we acquire a deeper and broader scope of good business practices, morals, values and professional ethics that go beyond conventional wisdom.

The Professional Division and consultation services support One Divide in its commitment to spreading universal awareness and education about our use of Emotional Warfare and the gravity of its Patterns’ effects — a cycle that has persisted throughout our existence and continues to define the modern human condition — and to create a better work-life balance.

The Professional Division is one of the ways One Divide works to truly make a difference — whether by exposing how Emotional Warfare has been used by those who have propelled or are looking to propel themselves (or their groups) up the societal ladder for increased Perceived Security, or by helping those who wish to make a positive change in this world by “shaping perceptions” without inadvertently contributing to the escalation of Emotional Warfare.

How it Works

  • how it works

    Professional Division consultations are specifically designed to suit your professional or executive-management needs. Your integration of the Philosophy of One Divide is evaluated over time to ensure you find and maintain a state of emotional freedom while reaching your personal potential and achieving professional fulfillment. These Professional Division consultations are tailored to fit situational needs. One Divide consultants give you expert advisement from within the scope of the field of Emotional Warfare to maximize the hard skills you already have and to navigate situations to obtain meaningful success for all participants. These consultations are available on a limited basis and work in conjunction with private Emotional Warfare counseling consultations.
    *Retainer required.

Team Consultations

  • team consultations

    Team consultations focus on developing the management/staff and intra/interoffice framework that helps you reach your potential as an individual within the dynamics of a team setting. They focus on exploration into the Philosophy of One Divide and provide a more in-depth view of how and why personalized uses of Emotional Warfare and underlying Patterns of Emotional Warfare negatively affect the work environment, create obstacles and disrupt work-life balance, job satisfaction and company morale. These consultations build and improve honest and transparent communication skills, organizational behavior and company culture, all key to fulfilling organizational and team objectives.

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