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One Divide: One universal and unified Method

The same One Divide® Method that is used to understand a person’s own Inward Emotional Warfare (IEW) is applied to the interpersonal, sociological, or sociopolitical realms of the human experience: Outward Emotional Warfare (OEW). This creates the Emotional Warfare Interplay Equation: IEW + OEW = Emotional Warfare Interplay.

An introduction: The Philosophy of One Divide's starting point is core to all humans: our individual and collective experiences that we must navigate while living in social, dynamic communities. One Divide's theory of Emotional Warfare, built on the foundation of Emotional Survival, describes both the inner experience of being human and the experiences that play out between two or more people. All humans are unique, but One Divide reveals characteristics that are universal among all of us in the way we process our own emotions and the way we coexist with one another. This system establishes conceptions of the True Self and False Self states of being that apply to all of us while still taking into account the individual qualities of the human person to be identified and optimized, through one universal and unified Method.

One Divide’s strength is the fusion of philosophical and theoretical principles with practice — leading not only to practical knowledge through the “learning-by-doing” approach but also to advanced levels of self-expertise, emotional intelligence and social intelligence.

With practice, your ability to identify more sophisticated or deceptive Patterns of Emotional Warfare will increase through repetition and with time. You will develop an abstract intelligence around the principles of the Philosophy of One Divide—the capacity to think more generally and look at objects and situations as a whole rather than as their individual parts. This, of course, depends on your level of self-expertise and explicit understanding of your own Pattern of Emotional Warfare, which centers on your ability to manage your own levels of Emotional Desperation and to return to the principles that support the Philosophy of One Divide, its theory of Emotional Warfare, the Dual-Transactional Behavior Model and its structural analytics.

Mastering the Interplay of Emotional Warfare®
A Supplemental Guide to the Philosophy of One Divide®

The One Divide Method is directly centered on the Emotional Warfare Education platform and is suited for individuals who are self-motivated and looking to be engaged participants — and agents of meaningful change — within their personal and professional dynamics. This type of motivation allows One Divide’s Method to act as intended, as a universal individual education plan (UIEP): universally applicable while simultaneously completely personalized, so each individual can master his or her unique interplay of Emotional Warfare.

A Closer Look at the DTBM & the One Divide® Method

Exploring this in more academic terms, by locating the starting point in the realm of pure experience (i.e., the basic human need for Emotional Survival), One Divide establishes an irreducible primacy to our subconscious experience and thus our conscious experience, which emerges from our sense of being immersed in and participating in a living and perpetually moving world. It would be naïve to presume that our individual human experiences are built around anything other than our intelligence and abilities as emotional and social beings. While individuals display different levels of complexity and variations within the interplay of Emotional Warfare, in the Philosophy of One Divide’s theory, our minds and levels of consciousness are less of a determinate factor than they may be in some other theoretical frameworks about human unity and conflict or understanding how to achieve an overall state of individual well-being and societal health.

The same One Divide® Method that is used to understand intrapsychic Inward Emotional Warfare (IEW) is applied to the interpersonal, sociological, or sociopolitical realms within the human experience: Outward Emotional Warfare (OEW). Our False Selves, which combine to create the various collective peoples and social forces in our world, are defined by the energetic qualities of the masculine (A) and feminine (B) negative (-) emotional traits, all built upon the inextricably linked One (emotional) Divide and underlying foundation and basic human need for Emotional Survival and Perceived Security.

One Divide steps outside the subjective and experiential to examine the universal. Reaching an advanced level of self-expertise, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence can therefore require a deep philosophical shift in thought process about one’s biological and psychological constitution: a practical self-governing policy designed to improve not only one’s individual condition and character — the positive (+) energetic qualities of the masculine (A) and feminine (B) emotional traits of the True Self — but the overall human condition and pursuit of the instrumental resources that affect the majority. One Divide: One universal and unified Method.

The Dual-Transactional Behavior Model (DTBM)

A deeper dive into the DTBM’s Structural Diagram and Structural Analytics and the One Divide® Method: the key tools of the dynamic action and adaptive behavior-mapping in the DTBM and the Philosophy of One Divide’s field of Emotional Warfare

The Philosophy of One Divide utilizes fractal patterns and the geometric shape of the red diamond to represent the human person within the universe that contains the overall human experience. Visual 1, provided below, represents the relation between the exterior universe and the human person — and the interior experience and/or first-person point of view of that experience — establishing the metaphysical dual anchoring of the field of Emotional Warfare.

The DTBM & the Field of Emotional Warfare

One Divide's Systematic Approach to Metaphysics and Philosophy
and the Field of Emotional Warfare

Dual Transactional Behavior Model Explanation - One Divide

The field of Emotional Warfare exists on two planes:
Human Person Inward Experience — Intrapsychic
Human Person Outward Experience — Intersubjective/Interpersonal

Once one has seen Emotional Warfare and its Patterns, they cannot be unseen. They become axiomatic. The neurological and cognitive value of this within the theory of Emotional Warfare’s metaphysical anchoring resides in Emotional Warfare’s dual functionality — described in the Philosophy of One Divide as the Building Block of the Emotional Prison: Level One and Level Two. This allows the individual to observe Emotional Warfare both internally, as it occurs within that individual, but also outside the self by recognizing its unique manifestation within another person and/or between other people. While the experience of Emotional Warfare and its Pattern(s) and interplay exists independently and interdependently, opposite to how language exists autonomously within an individual and adapts to the individual’s use of it, Emotional Warfare governs individuals until they gain awareness and an explicit understanding of it.

One Divide’s DTBM is the key tool in this process as it captures both the inward and outward interplay of Emotional Warfare and its Pattern(s) that are objectively verifiable.

For a quick start to understanding the technical side of the Philosophy of One Divide, consider a linguistic, categorical breakdown of the structural diagram of the DTBM that captures the Emotional Warfare Interplay Equation:

IEW + OEW = Emotional Warfare Interplay

This provides the basis to One Divide’s universal algorithmic sequence and algorithmic information equation designed for attainable individual-to-collective (scalable) emotional equilibrium:

-1 +1 = 0

False Self (-1) + True Self (1) = ONEness (0)

(+1) TRUE SELF “Power—Love—Synthesis Dynamics” Free Will Potentiality — Emotional Freedom *Cause-Derivative Choice: Agency and Efficacy (State of Being) v. *Cause-Deterministic Action: Agency and Efficacy (Behavior-Based/Disorder) Intra-Interplay of the Pattern(s) of Emotional Warfare Dominance—Subjugation—Variance Dynamics FALSE SELF (-1)

NOTE: For visual enhancement, the color schematics of Visual 1 have been adjusted to clearly illustrate the dynamic action and adaptive behavior-mapping provided by Visual 2: One Divide’s Dual-Transactional Behavior Model (DTBM).

One Divide’s Dual-Transactional Behavior Model (DTBM) is a specifically designed pattern-seeking device that produces a set of behavioral analytics, detecting both the internal and the outward Patterns of Emotional Warfare that construct recognizable forms of interplay. These inwardly driven, outwardly manifested transactions occur in a stimulus-response interplay:

The inward Pattern of Emotional Warfare and an outward transactional stimulus from one individual (person 1) elicit a specific emotional (transactional) response from another individual (person 2); this response in turn becomes a new stimulus for person 1. Once it begins, the interplay’s resulting sequence is highly predictable, provided the characteristics and gradient scale of the people’s Emotion-Based Survival Skills (EBSS) are known. These two primary positions provide all individuals with a behavioral “blueprint” to the unique False Self Roles they take or desire to take during any and all transactions.

The Philosophy of One Divide’s dual-transactional analytics is built on structural analytics. This provides the foundation for One Divide’s Education and Technological AI Platform.

Ultimately, by using these analytics to get to the root of negative human behaviors, One Divide aims to help create a unified, elevated state of collective consciousness within the human race — true ONEness — through new behavior-pattern awareness that can be applied to a multitude of behavioral phenomena, including intra- and interpersonal agreement and disagreement modeling and person-to-person navigation techniques.

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